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Friends Remember Joe

Dear Joe...

Dear Joe, Thank you for all the hours you shared on-line
with me trying patiently to teach me HTML.
Thank you for always making me appreciate human nature when you
talked about your love for your wife, Diane, and your children.
You always took an opportunity to tell someone how much you
loved and treasured your family.

You were a giver -- someone who shared his knowledge and
shared his "spiritual being". You were a treasure that will live
on in the hearts of many. You left an impression on the hearts of
many people and I thank you for who you were
and for your gentleness and kindness.
Be at PEACE.

Sister Diane, Our love will sustain and surround you for as long
as you need it. Your are in our hearts and prayers.


Another Beautiful Angel

In our lives we have the opportunity, if we
are lucky to meet someone. whose soul shines brightly
and touches us deeply. I had the opportunity to get
to know such a person in Joe Kane, Jr.

Joe was a family man, devoted to his wife Diane,
and his two teenage children, Heather (Hez)
and Joey. Anyone who had any contact with him
could see immediately the great love he had for
them. and they for him. In this day and age,
such a love is rare. And to be able to see it
so obviously shown was a blessing to all
who knew him.

Affectionately dubbed "The Music Man"
by so many who had a chance to get to know him
on the internet. He loved his music and would spend
endless hours helping others either with their signatures
or homepages, or finding that one special song. I know
he spent many nights helping someone like myself work on
a project, even though there were other things
he could have been doing.

Joe had a very big heart, and he cared deeply
for all those he knew. He didn't just say he
cared, he MEANT it. He lost sleep on numerous
occasions to listen, comfort, or advise someone
in crisis. He was never too busy to help
someone in need. Whenever the troops rallied for
someone, Joe was there on the front line.

No words could ever express the great love we
all had for Joe, or the tremendous loss
we all feel at his passing. To lose such
a bright light in our lives is
truly heartbreaking, but whenever we hear a song or
listen to a lyric we will remember Joe,
our Music Man... and we will know
another beautiful angel is smiling down on us.


More Music for Joe

Helen has spent hours listening to Joe's midis and others and
wanted to add this Music as we remember Joe.


grannyJ Remembers Joe

It is hard for me to describe in words what
Joe meant to me. He was my mentor, my teacher,
my friend. Hardly a day would go by that we
didn't talk. And if I was in a bad mood, he
always knew how to make me laugh. We shared
gifs and midis, and the last midi that he shared with
me, was appropriately called "GreatGift".

This Hummingbird was a gif from me.
Thank you God for sharing him with us.
Good night MY FRIEND!!! I know we will meet again.



I first met Joe on December 3, 1997, when I posted in the
HTML newsgroup for help with a jukebox. The first
response I recieved was from Joe...He said that he could
help me get a jukebox on my homepage
...That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship...
We became BEST BUDS....We shared many things as
our friendship grew. Our love for family, food, HTML, music
and Webtv....How Joe loved his webtv.
How Joe loved to help people.

How richly blessed I feel to have known a great person
...I will always cherish the love. kindness, caring and his
knowledge he gave to me...I will also always cherish
the first and last e-mail Joe sent to me.

...MY BEST BUD's memories I have will live on forever in my heart,
mind and my webtv....Joe your spirit will be with me always,
and it is that spirit
that will now be the WIND BENEATH MY WINGS...



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