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April 16, 1998

Sometimes in your life, a connection to another human soul
is made. A bond that grabs your heart and touches you
so deeply, it leaves you in awe.
It takes you by surprise because...
you don't even realize that the feeling is there.

I have never met Eddie, in fact I have never
even met Sue, who introduced me to "our little guy".
But a place in my heart ~loves~ Eddie.

Edward M. Storey passed away only a few days ago, at
his home, a nursing facility in Oregon, where he resided.
The only family he knew by his side; my friend Sue
and the rest of the facility's caring nursing staff.

Eddie lived from 1931-1998.

Through a discussion group on webtv I met Sue.
I believe, last October Sue introduced Eddie
to our group. Eddie was terminally ill,
and would only have a short time left
upon this earth. He suffered great pain with his
illness, was impaired so communication was hard
....but Sue and Eddie managed.

Sue adored Eddie's spirit and his loving
disposition. She wanted to do something
special for his last Christmas,
so she invited us all to send cards
to Eddie. Our group and countless others
throughout the internet sent electronic cards to
Eddie and many sent personal cards as well. Sue
would print and copy the cards, and read them all
to Eddie. She told us often how these cards
brightened his life. Sue's devotion to her patient is
a TRIBUTE to Eddie, as well as her beautiful heart.

Little did we know that in giving
our small gift to Eddie, that we were
the one's who would receive the greatest present.
The joy of knowing Eddie.
These past months we have laughed with Eddie,
smiled with him, cried for him, cherished him
and prayed for him.

Finally, this week, Sue called upon us to pray that
Eddie would go to the angels. On April 14, 1998,
our dear Eddie went home. I found this
song by Celine Dion, and posted it for Eddie, I
would like to share it with all. It is a song of love,
for those who must leave this earth. And
it is a song of comfort for those left behind.


This is my tribute to a sweet and gentle heart and to his guardian angel while here on this earth, my friend Sue. God Bless you both.

People have FLOWN with Eddie